Helping Doctors Manage

"There is a great sense, and not just from Kevin, but from the folks that work in Finance, Accounting, the Business and the Development side, that they have a sense of ownership. It’s like it´s their place of business and they care just as much about it, and in some cases more about the details than we do...That helps me sleep at night." Dr. William Turner, Longview Orthopedic
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Building Communities

"The Proof is in the pudding—They were able to take 5 guys who were in solo practice, bring us together to construct a facility and practice as a functional group."- Dr. Steedman, Puyallup, WA
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Everything But The Medicine

"We had to have a system set up for billings and collections; we had to have a system set up to allocate our overhead between the partners which none of us wanted to do. Strategic Ancillaries did this for us and have been assisting us for over 10 years." Dr. McDowell, Olympia, WA
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Analyze Your Practice

Is your practice growing, treading water or in decline? Would you invest in your medical business as eagerly as if you were purchasing shares in another publicly traded company as a retirement investment? Why or why not? Your medical business should be your most lucrative retirement investment.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Problems?

  • Patients migrating to hospital systems
  • Long wait times between hospital cases/ poor time management
  • Decreased revenues
  • Rising overhead
  • Poor revenue cycle management
  • Increased regulation
  • Poor practice management
  • Decrease in referrals
  • Exclusion from key insurance networks
  • Physician and patient frustration
  • Employee theft or fraud

How We Can Help

Strategic Ancillaries provides business solutions for physicians who want to remain independent, so they can focus solely on the practice of medicine.

We provide business resources to help you restructure your medical practice or business for the future. This can include finding ancillary sources of revenue that your group currently controls but is referring out to others.

From day to day management, to long term financial planning, Strategic Ancillaries is the business solution for physicians in the Pacific Northwest.

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Management Services
You are really good at medicine and we are really good at business. Let’s talk about how our business management services paired with your medicine can take your practice to the next level.
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Billing Services
Our trained billing specialists optimize practice AR collections through aggressive and disciplined revenue cycle management.
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Strategic Planning
We provide a C-level 30,000 ft view of a provider's market, and then develop key strategies to not only compete but excel in a given geographical area.
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Ancillary Development
Strategic Ancillaries increases physician's efficiency, quality of life and revenue without adding to patient load. We help bring ancillary services in-house and purposefully develop real estate solutions to increase your net pay while building your net worth.
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Special Projects
Strategic Ancillaries provides creative solutions that grow the bottom line- ultimately building net pay and net worth.
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Distressed Practice Recovery
When a practice is bleeding red ink, Strategic Ancillaries checks the vital signs and prescribes business solutions to revive the practice for future success.
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