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A rigorous evaluation of the market potential for ancillary opportunities – MRI, physical therapy, and ambulatory surgery center – is the initial step in the planning phase. This is followed by a thorough analysis of the practice, which includes identifying and quantifying surgical volumes, competition, payers, real estate values, and other factors to determine the potential success factor in developing ancillary services.

Our team also considers other strategies that may have a significant impact on the decision to develop ancillaries. These include the possibility of merging with other practices and bringing positive economies to the project to increase revenue streams.

Armed with the data derived from these analyses, we develop a preliminary pro-forma that illustrates whether ancillary services are viable. If the feasibility study reveals that ancillary development has the potential for success, our findings will then be presented to the physician group for evaluation.

At the conclusion of this phase, the group will be prepared to proceed to the next step, confident that the project will be a success.

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